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International Dating- find the love of your life, while having the time of your life

Is your dating in a rut? Are you tired of first dates that go nowhere? If so, maybe its time to flip the script. I did, and had two years of amazing dating adventures which ended when I met and married my amazing Chinese wife.

In no particular order here are some reasons to use international dating to find amazing foreign women:

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Women you meet from international dating are more feminine

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Many western men believe that western women (especially in America) are becoming more and more masculine in how they speak, dress, and act. Other western men have become so used to the lack of femininity of western women that they don’t even know what a feminine woman is like.

Women from Eastern countries like China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand are much more feminine than women from many Western Countries. So are women from South America, Russia, the Ukraine, and even some Western countries like Spain, France, and Italy.

In many countries, the women take much more care of their bodies.

cute and fit asian woman

In most developed western countries there is almost an epidemic of obesity among both men and women, and sometimes even children.

This is much less prevalent in countries like China, Korea, Japan, Ukraine, Thailand, and many others. In many countries, particularly in Asia, the women don’t believe in just “letting themselves go” but will typically stay slim for their whole lives.

In many foreign countries the people are hard working and physically active.

Most women you meet from international dating are more friendly

friendly eastern european woman

In many foreign countries women are much more friendly and easy to meet. Depending on the country, in order to meet them you just need to be friendly, polite and outgoing yourself.

However in some countries, such as Russia, Ukraine and many South American countries, just as the women are more feminine, the men are also more masculine, and you may need to be very masculine or at least project an image of strong masculinity to be able to compete in the dating arena.

On the other hand, in Russia for example, even though Russian women’s, women’s passion for international dating has waned, it is still the case that, just by speaking English in public, attractive women will often approach you.

Most “international women” are more relationship minded

In the western world, bright, successful, and attractive women often put their careers first. This is rarely true in non western countries, with the notable exception of Korea.

In most non western countries single women of all ages are likely to make finding a partner to be the number one priority in their lives, which, if you are on the same page, takes one barrier out of the way.

They are less likely to expect “perfection” in a man

Western Hollywood media, women’s magazines, and their parents and girl friends have convinced most western women that every woman can l find the “perfect” man. This myth (because there are no perfect men or perfect women for that matter) practically dooms the chance of having a great or even good marriage or relationship with one of them.

That being said, there are still many women in America who do not fit that mold. These can usually be found outside of the big cities, and usually grew up in families of modest or humble means.

My first wife, who I married at 25 and lived with for many years until she passed away, was an absolutely wonderful woman and companion. She was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. Her father was originally a farmer who worked in the post office most of his life. He was a great guy too.

Many are very loyal

Depending on the country, the culture, and definitely the woman, many foreign women will stick with you through thick and thin. If you get sick they will take care of you. If you are healthy they will still try to take care of you.

With international dating you don’t have to compromise (as much)

happy couple who met thru international dating site

International dating allows you, even if you are an “average guy”, a much better chance of finding the woman of your dreams. In many foreign cities it is not unusual to see an average joe with an absolute stunner on his arm. Best of all, this stunner may also have a great personality.

When if comes to finding love, they are less hung up about age

In many foreign cultures women dating older men, even in some cases much older men, is not unusual. Older men are often seen as more desirable than young men. However your mileage may vary depending on which country, and the age of the woman.

Many foreign women have beautiful exotic looks

beautiful woman from eastern europe

Many Asian, South American, Russian and Eastern European women are blessed with amazingly beautiful exotic looks. If you have a beautiful Asian, Russian or South American woman on your arm, you will become instantly popular and will be the envy of all your friends.

Many foreign women are more cultured

Unlike the great majority of American women, many foreign women (including women from Western Europe) actually read books, like to talk about ideas, and place a high value on a man’s intelligence.

In America, people’s attitudes about intelligence are more along the lines of “if you’re so smart, how come you ain’t rich?”

Some are very romantic

Depending on the country, big city vs small city, and the culture, some of the women you will meet through international dating are super romantic and less materialistic than western women. Of the developed countries, Italy has a lot of women who are very romantic and have kind hearts.

Some are better in bed

exotic foreign woman in lingerie

Depending on the culture (and obviously the individual) women from certain countries, Thailand, Philippines, Ukraine and Russia in particular, are more sexual and more uninhibited than western women.

They tend to be better cooks

The women that you are likely to find from international dating are used to cooking, some love to cook, and some are great cooks. Your mileage may vary if you don’t care for their traditional dishes.

Some foreign women come from countries with a very rich culture.

asian woman in traditional dress

China comes immediately to mind with a rich culture that goes back thousands of years. When you date or marry a woman from a rich exotic culture, you will never get bored.

Also by traveling, going to exotic places, and learning a second or even a third language, you become a much more interesting and desirable person.

Marriages that come from international dating tend to last longer

Most foreign women are not quick to get divorced. Because they are so family oriented, they will usually only divorce a man as a last resort, generally because he is unfaithful or abusive.

However I am talking about legit marriages, not situations where a woman marries you to get a green card or just for your money.

Why are western men so popular with foreign women ?

attractive interracial couple

Many foreign women find western men attractive because they are considered to be different, stimulating, and exotic.

Otherwise put, just as you may consider foreign women to be sexy because they are so exotic , some foreign women think that western men are also sexy and exotic.

They may be just as interested in meeting someone through international dating as you are.

This may be a product of Hollywood movies, and western stars, which influence ideas about physical beauty around the world.

In Thailand, for instance, if you are a Westerner who is tall, broad shouldered, and muscular there will be many local women who will be absolutely crazy about you. And if you are a short chicken chested westerner who happens to have very pale skin, you could be even more popular than the tall broad shouldered and muscular guy.

There have been few rigorous scientific studies about attraction, but in one study found that people were more attracted to others who had significant differences in their dna profiles.

In many countries, you are presumed to be high status just by being a westerner

In the poorer countries, you don’t have to be rich to be considered successful and high status. Just being a westerner makes you high status automatically.

And in poor countries if you dress well, have a little money in your pocket and even ten grand in the bank, you are considered to be almost “rich”.

Successful independent thinking foreign women are even more likely to prefer western men

In some cultures women are discouraged from expressing their opinions and ideas, and their opinions and ideas are not valued by local men.

“Heaven for singles”…some foreign women like western men’s freedom from inhibition

They like to be with western men because they can express their sexuality without being judged.

Many foreign women find western men’s confidence and audacity very attractive

Think James Bond.

At the same time foreign women find western men’s good manners attractive.

Think James Bond again.

Find love by dating foreign women in your own country

I live in New York City, where there is a very large Chinese community, along with sizeable Korean, Russian and Dominican communities. The girls and women from these communities may have been born here, or may have come here and have become more or less westernized.

These westernized girls are good to date if you are more into the exotic look, are not especially into exotic culture,s and don’t want to deal with language problems.

Others have either not been here very long (nicknamed “fresh” from “fresh off the boat”) or have lived and worked in their own little communities, so have escaped being westernized.

These women are very popular with men who are enamored of their culture, or are disappointed with most western women. Even these generally speak a little English.

Foreign women who have moved to the US are quite often interested in dating American or other western men.

If you don’t live in or near a big city and you want to date foreign women you will either have to move to one or pursue a long distance relationship.

When I was on Match, a few women messaged me who lived relatively far away. Since I lived in New York City, I felt it was just easier to stick with local women rather than getting involved in long distance dating.

In my opinion, long distance relationships are often problematical, unless one of you is open to relocating.

Find your match by dating foreign women abroad

For most single men, one of the greatest attractions, if not the greatest attraction, of overseas travel is the opportunity for international dating with all kinds of foreign women.

If you are looking to marry a foreign woman who still lives in her country, or if you just want to test the waters and see what it is like to date foreign women abroad, you can take a vacation abroad. If you want to go that route, try to get as much vacation time as possible, as two weeks isn’t enough.

You should contact women ahead of time, preferably women who all live either in the same city or in nearby cities. The paid versions of Tinder have a feature called “passport” where you can set your location on the app for any city you want, to try to match for members who live in those cities.

You will find that just being a foreigner often sparks a lot of interest, and if you are traveling to big cities where Tinder is used widely, you should be able to set up a lot of dates with women who speak at least basic English.

The funny thing is, you don’t necessarily have to speak much of their language in order to hook up with foreign women. It has been known for a long time that a majority of communication, especially communication involving man-woman interaction, is non- verbal.

A lot of the time you just have to look presentable and be friendly and outgoing in a very confident way.

You can also have a translation program right on your phone.

I would start messaging anywhere between two weeks to one month before your international adventure.

You have to keep your wits about you, and use caution and common sense to avoid scammers or outright dangerous situations.

What about “mail order brides”?

This is an area where you really, really have to be careful. Any westerner who is looking for a mail order bride is perceived by crooks and scammers as being easy and desirable prey.

You should do your own homework and find out what the typical pitches, cons, and scams are taking place all the time.

You should also be very careful about online international dating services, or for that matter any dating or matchmaking services, where westerners are matched with foreign women. Many of the “international” dating services have reviews full of horror stories.

I would especially beware of any service where they force you to use their own translation service that you pay extra for, or which facilitate sending flowers to women overseas at ridiculous prices.

Beware of any woman who chats with you a for a few weeks or months and then gives you a very sad story about a sick relative who needs money for an operation, etc.

Remember the old maxim “a fool and his money are soon parted”.

Dating internationally with Romance Tours

I would not say that it is impossible to find a foreign bride through a service, just that you will have to be persistent, work hard, and keep your wits about you.

The good news is that you can have a lot of fun trying. There used to be several companies that specialize in running international tours for men looking to marry a foreign woman, and these tours can be a lot of fun.

However after the 2018 recession, it appear that all but one of these companies have gone out of business. Also there are no cruises or travel tours of any kind at present due to the Coronavirus.

Fortunately, the biggest and most well established international romance tour company, A Foreign Affair, also known as Loveme.com, survived the 2018 recession and should re-open after the Coronavirus health crisis ends.

This company was started back in 1996 and runs tours to the Ukraine, Asia, and South America, which look like a lot of fun.

Each tour, depending on how long it is, includes luxury hotel accommodations, the assistance of your own interpreter, and, depending on how long the tour is, one, two or three socials, where the men are greatly outnumbered by young beautiful women.

On the Ukranian and South American tours the women actually fight over the men. On the China Tours, they are more reserved, due to their culture, but on the other hand, I am sure that a greater percentage of them are “legit”.

Best of all, the cost of the tour is comparable with a “regular” international tour, and will certainly be ten times more fun.

You just have to hang on to your common sense, and ask yourself if you met this woman through friends or in a bar, instead of through this service, does it make sense that she could be interested in you?

International DatingConclusion

International dating, which I define as dating foreign women either in your own country or abroad, can make you a much more interesting and attractive person, and is a way that you can find the bride or girl friend of your dreams.

As someone who married a beautiful, hard working and loyal Chinese wife, I highly recommend it.