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2020 Review of Elite Singles

Do you think a woman can look sexy in a business suit? Elite Singles is a dating service that focuses on successful, career minded, and educated singles.

They claim that 82% of members are college educated, with 90% over the age of 30. The majority of users are between the ages of 30 and 45. Most users are from the US, UK, and Canada. Unlike most other dating sites, Elite Singles has significantly more “older” (35 and up) women users than men users.

The site has both English and French versions, as it is quite popular in Canada. Its interface is clean, modern looking, and loads quickly. It is also simple and easy to use.

There is a mobile version in addition to the desktop version, however the mobile version has had bugs, and it is very difficult to do the initial sign up through the mobile version.

Elite Singles is like eharmony in some ways

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Although the way Elite Singles works is similar in many ways to Eharmony, Elite Singles does allow same sex matching, and lacks the Christian roots/ spin.

Although Elite Singles does focus on finding serious relationships, it is not focused on marriage as the be all and end all.

Both sites are similar in that they take control of the matching process and “do everything for you”, which in the case of Elite Singles is meant to save busy professionals time.

The site claims to serve users with between 7 to 10 daily matches, which have been curated based upon their matching algorithm, and also is supposed to give each paid member 20 “wild card” matches per day, served up with a “swiping” interface.

These wild card matches are matches that do not follow the algorithm as closely as the regular daily matches. Once you “swipe left” on a user that user is permanently removed from your possible matches in the future.

If a user demonstrates any interest in a profile, the algorithm prods them to send a message.

It should be said here that many users have complained that they are not getting anywhere near the number of matches claimed by Elite Singles.

The Elite Singles questionnaire and matching questions

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The questionnaire asks users to give, in addition to common information such as age, geographical location, zip code, and height, their first names, job titles, levels of education and degrees held, and information on their income.

Some of the questions sound more like interview questions, such as “how satisfied are you with your own physical appearance?”, and have obvious “good” and “” answers. Other questions have no obvious connection to dating, such as a question that shows you two abstract images and asks you which one you prefer.

The algorithm uses your answers to rank you on what Elite Singles claims are the five most important personality features, and matches you based upon the scores.

There is, however, no empirical evidence presented that their algorithm is actually effective in increasing the quality of matches. Instead, you are asked to take this on faith.

Elite Singles’ additional features

There are other additional features for paid users. These include being able to see who has viewed your profile, the ability to send “smiles”, the ability to “like” a section of other users’ profiles and the ability to send one of several “canned” questions, as conversation starters.

Another interesting feature is that you are given each match’s score on each of the five personality features, along with your own.

There is also free “expert” advice in how to set up your profile, which can contain up to 24 pictures.

You can set a geographical radius for users, but the smallest radius is 50 miles, and there have been complaints by some users that almost all matches are hundreds of miles away.

There are also sponsored “happy hours” and other events to allow users to meet in real life, and an online magazine which gives users who are new to online dating a lot of helpful information.

Safety and security features

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Elite Singles places a great emphasis on safety and security. The web site is SSL secure, which offers protection to your credit card or other payment information. Personal information is encrypted, so that only other paid users can see it, and the site has special software which blocks copying of your pictures.

All applications have to be manually approved. There are filters that screen out obscene or inappropriate messages.

However, email addresses are not verified, and there are no background checks. Claims about someone’s job titles, education, or income are also unverified.

Cost and payment options

There are 3 different paid plans, and it is possible to pay for just one month or up to 12 months. The cost is comparable or even greater than eharmony. You can pay with major credit cards or paypal and have, or are supposed to have, 3 days to cancel.

Free plan

There is a free plan, but like most dating site free plans, it is almost totally useless. With a free plan you can only send and receive smiles, but cannot message or communicate with anyone, and the profiles that you can browse have blurred out photos.

Free version allows you to send and receive likes but can’t communicate with anyone and pictures are blurred out

Elite Singles Reviews on unbiased review sites

Some specialized dating review sites give them high ratings and have multiple comments posted all of which are glowingly favorable. Due to the very negative reviews on well known objective review sites like sitejabber and others, these specialized dating review sites do not inspire confidence.

Sitejabber rates Elite Singles with an abysmally low `1.22 out of 5 stars rating, with the majority of reviews highly negative. 112 out of 128 reviews are one star reviews.

Typical complaints are : no matches or very few matches, half of the matches have no picture, matches are all very far away, the customer service is very poor or almost non-existent, It is very hard to cancel even within the 3 day cancellation period, and that, despite the long detailed questions , the algorithm ignores users requirements.

Trust Pilot lists 261 reviews for Elite Singles. 87 % of the reviewers rated the site “bad” (the lowest possible rating) while only 8% gave positive reviews. Many reviewers claim that the site renewed their subscriptions even though they had turned auto renew off, and they were unable to get a refund. There were also claims of lots of fake profiles and scam profiles despite their claims of security.

Consumeraffairs.com has around 9 reviews, all negative, complaining of unauthorized charges, refusal to refund even if they cancel within the 3 day period, unauthorized renewal of subscription, and fake profiles.

It should be said that most online reviews are negative, as people seldom go out of their way to post positive reviews, unless they have been specifically asked to do so.

Additionally, dating sites in general seem to have a disproportionately large percentage of negative reviews. It has been said that when online dating doesn’t always work out, human nature makes many people blame the algorithm instead of blaming themselves.


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The idea of having a dating site focused on older, higher educated, professional singles is a good one, but I am unsure about Elite Singles’ execution of the idea.

Elite Singles strongly encourages members to put up very detailed profiles, and is designed to require very little time for busy professionals to use.

The positive reviews do confirm the site’s claims that their user profile is somewhat older, and probably does have the highest or one of the highest percentage of college educated users and professional people than other web sites.

It is also likely that most people will not sign up for an expensive dating site catering to high education and high income professionals if they have never been to college or are minimum age workers.

Also, the security features that they have instituted, the length of the required profile, and the cost of the service, does appear to result in somewhat fewer fake profiles, scammers, and people just looking for hook ups, than most of the other dating sites, although in this respect they are no better than Match or Eharmony.

I have never used Elite Singles, and if I were single I would go with other sites like Match or Eharmony instead, due to the very large number of Elite Singles’ negative reviews and very low number of positive reviews on the trusted review sites listed above.

If you don’t mind the high cost of a one month membership, which is over $100.00, and that is a small amount of money for you, it might make sense to give it a try to see if your experience is different.