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Dating Korean Women

Korean women are considered to be among the most desirable women on earth

Women from Korea are considered to be some of the most beautiful in Asia. Many combine physical beauty with fit bodies, great fashion style, and overall “cuteness”, making them especially desirable.

Physically, they are slim, with long legs, and are taller and more light skinned than many other Asian women.

They spend tons of money on their clothes, hair, and beauty products. It is also very common for them to have some kind of plastic surgery.

Their personalities are also attractive to westerners. Korean women like to travel, and are outgoing and fun loving. It you are lucky enough to land one of these gorgeous fun loving ladies, it is unlikely that you will ever get bored.

They also tend to be very warm, friendly, and easy to approach. Once you get to know them, they, like many other Asian women, are really into taking care of and pleasing their man.

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There is a large Korean community in the United States. Korea And America have been close politically and economically since the second world war, and Korean women are very familiar with American culture.

Korean women are highly educated

Almost all of the younger women are college educated. Many have traveled the world, which makes them more open minded than many other Asian women. They read books, and expect you to be educated too.

Many Korean women are open to dating western men

Korean woman with american man

Although some Korean women will not consider dating foreigners, many actually prefer dating westerners, particularly Americans.

If you are in Korea and are a decent looking western man, you will inevitably find yourself the center of attention much of the time.

In Korea, some women only date foreign men. This can be due to either a “fetish” for certain types of men, or because some Korean women feel oppressed by their male dominated culture that they view foreign men as a way out.

Korean women make good wives

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Korean women tend to be smart, well educated, and independent, and at the same time, place a great emphasis on family and home life. They have many of the qualities that make for excellent life partners. Korean women are also able to adapt to, and thrive in, western countries, particularly America. This is very different than the way Asian women from other countries react to living in the West for extended periods of time. Thai women, for example, are notorious for become extremely homesick and unhappy living in the West

Korean cultural differences

Korean culture is not only different from western cultures, but is also different from other Asian cultures.

The Korean war and the continuing conflict and threat from North Korea has definitely affected South Korean culture, and has made Koreans into a very strong and hard working people.

Hard work, education, and academic excellence are expected in typical Korean families. Koreans work very long hours. Korean children are supposed to excel in school and go to top universities.

Korean culture involves a strong sense of community. Korean girls are taught to respect men and to take a back seat to men. They are taught that they have to become loyal and obedient wives. On the flip side they expect their men to be strong, ambitious, and provide for all of their family’s financial needs.

Dating in Korea

Dating a Korean women in Korea is quite different from dating a Korean woman in your own country, especially women born in your country or who came there at a very early age. In Korea itself dating culture is quite different from dating culture in America and most western countries.

In Korean culture, the community or group is very important

Koreans love to socialize, go for drinks, and party in groups. Koreans typically start dating in college, and they usually go on several “group dates” before dating anyone one on one.

In Korea women work extremely hard and don’t have a lot time for socializing

Korea has what has been described as an “extreme work ethic” culture. Over 90% of Koreans graduate from a university. It is normal for a single Korean woman to work full time and take classes at night on order to prepare for promotion. Both men and women often have only limited time to date.

In recent years, there is a new phenomenon of single Koreans who are so busy with their careers that they have given up dating. This is caused by the stress of their daily routines, the pressure of their careers, and the fact that many single men cannot afford to date. There has been a recent steep decline in the birth rate, which is concerning to the government and to the older generation of would be grandparents.

Korean women tend to be very focused on physical appearance

stylishly dressed korean woman

Korean women put a tremendous amount of time and energy into their physical appearance and wardrobe. They are so focused on looking good that many have plastic surgery, and recently it has become a “fad” for them to have a surgeon break and rewire their jaws to give them their faces the triangular shape that has been popularized by “k-pop” stars.

Needless to say, when dating a Korean woman, their first impression of you is very important. If you date an attractive, stylish Korean woman, she will expect you to, at the very least, dress fashionably, have excellent grooming, a stylish haircut, and in general, show that you take pride in your appearance.

Korean women can be very materialistic

They love to wear expensive clothes, drive expensive cars, and go on expensive vacations and trips. They also love expensive restaurants. They typically expect their boy friends to be financially successful, make a lot of money, and spend a lot of money.

If you are young, just starting out, they will expect you to be, at the very least, hard working and ambitious. Being a starving artist or academic just doesn’t cut it.

However, if you can find a poor, but beautiful, Korean woman, just being a middle class American might possibly be good enough, as long as you are not lazy.

Korean women are very marriage minded and family oriented

Single Korean women want to become wives. Most value family highly, and wish to have children of their own. If you want to stay a bachelor forever, or want to live together in sin, its probably not going to work out, and you will just end up hurting and disappointing her.

If you are dating a Korean woman, you will be expected to meet her parents, who will typically be very protective of her. It is very important for her parents to approve of you, and for many Korean women this is a deal breaker. In Korea most single women live with their parents until they are married, and being introduced to them is a very important step in your relationship.

Many Korean women are Religious

Many Korean women are Christians. The ones that are Christian may be looking to date a Christian man, or their families may expect them to date only Christian men.

When dating, Korean women are strongly influenced by the opinions of their friends

Korean women are even more conscious of their social standing that western women. When dating a foreigner, Korean women do not want to look easy, and they want their friends to be impressed by their choice.

Koren women tend to think that any western man is a player or playboy, and definitely do not wish to be considered easy by their friends. When you start dating them, they will typically ask you to give them your phone and your password. This is considered to be entirely normal, and you would be wise to prepare for this.

Korean women are always comparing themselves with their friends, to see whose life is better. They spend a lot of hours on their smart phones, either posting pictures on facebook or Instagram, or checking up on their friends.

They like to post pictures of themselves with their boy friends going out to expensive restaurants, shows, etc, in order to impress their friends.

Korean women expect a lot of expensive gifts

korean woman with expensive bag

In Korea, believe it or not, they have a “valentine’s day” once every month, and expect some kind of gift from their boyfriends at least once a month . Their friends expect them to post pictures of all of these expensive gifts on social media.

As a westerner Your Korean girl friend may cut you some slack, but at the very least, you will be expected to give them some kind of inexpensive gifts as tokens of your love on frequent occasions.

Some miscellaneous rules for dating Korean Girls

These apply both to girls in Korea or Korean Girls in your country:

  • You should always offer to pay when you are on a date.
  • You should text her at least once every day
  • You should always reply to her texts as promptly as possible.
  • You MUST call her at least once a day.
  • You should try to pick up her calls.


Korean women and girls have become very desirable girlfriends and wives due to their beauty, intelligence, and sparkling personalities. However, even though many prefer dating westerners, their expectations are quite high, and they tend to be on the high maintenance side. If you are a hard working, ambitious and successful man, and you don’t mind putting in the work, you will most likely find that you have been well rewarded for doing so.