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Best Romance Tours

What is a romance tour?

A romance tour is a vacation tour that is designed to help men find foreign girl friends or wives.

While romance tours originated in Russia and former Russian countries like the Ukraine and Belorusse, at present there are tours to Asian countries like China, Thailand, and the Philippines, and South American countries like Columbia and Costa Rica.

The costs of the tours, which include air fare, luxury accommodation, guided tours of the city or cities, breakfast, and transportation to and from the airport and the socials, as well as the assistance of translators, ranges from around $2500 t0 $4000.00 for a one week tour, and from $5000.00 to $6500.00 for two week tours, depending on the cities visited.

These tours can be one city tours, two city tours, or three city tours . For each city there will typically be one or two soirees which include free dinner, champagne, and dancing.

One of the key features of the soirees is that the men are greatly outnumbered, sometimes by a ratio of ten to one, by very attractive women who have indicated their interest in meeting and possibly marrying western men.

Each of the men has his own personal translator available to help. These translators are also y attractive women who are familiar with the local culture and customs, and typically also serve as “wing women” to facilitate interactions.

After the socials the tour companies facilitate one on one dates (although the translator is oftentimes a necessary “third wheel”).

The types of women who attend the soirees, and the “vibe” of the soirees can vary greatly depending on the countries where they are held. For example, the women In the Ukraine tend to look like models, many are spectacularly beautiful, and they dress the part. They tend to be very forward, even aggressive in the way they compete for the men.

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On the other hand, the women in China will include, along with some spectacularly beautiful Chinese women, some more ordinary looking women, and their demeanor is typically much more demure than the Eastern European or South American women.

What kinds of men go on romance tours?

Most of the men come from the US, Great Britain, the EU, or Australia. The majority are in their 40’s or 50’s, with some older men. They are men who are financially secure, though usually not wealthy.

Some of the men are good looking and appear confident, while others are very ordinary looking. They all have come to believe that it is possible to find a better quality of woman outside of their own countries, and most are looking for women outside of the developed Western world.

How are romance tours arranged?

The tour typically companies arrange everything, expect for obtaining the necessary visas, although some will also help with that as well.

When the men arrive at their destination the tour company will have arranged transportation from the airport. The accommodations range from business class to luxury hotels and apartments. Breakfast is included, as is transportation to and from the soirees.

The tour companies will usually have some type of portfolios for the women, to help the men decide who they are interested in, apart from the ones that they meet at the soirees. Some companies have professional matchmakers or dating coaches on hand to assist the men, who are going to be dating women from very different cultures.

Advantages of romance tours

Romance Tour to Ukraine

The tours offer unique advantages for men looking for foreign wives. Instead of writing letters or emails to women thousands of miles away, the men get to actually meet and date a large number of foreign women in their natural habitats.

The tours take away the stress of being in an unfamiliar country where the men do not speak the language and are unfamiliar with the customs and laws. The tour companies know the cities well and will ensure that the men will avoid the usual tourist “rip offs” and also avoid safety issues.

The men typically bond with one another instead of competing with one another because the ratio of women to men is so high. This high female to male ratio pretty much eliminates any issues the men might have with being reserved or shy.

The biggest advantage of the tours is that they have the potential of making dating and looking for a wife fun instead of a chore. Some of the soirees, particularly in Eastern European countries have an exciting party atmosphere, and can even become quite wild.

For men who are financially well off, the cost of the tour is not that much more than an ordinary vacation but can be ten times more fun.

For some men, the tours are so exciting that they have almost an addictive quality.

Disadvantages of romance tours

Despite the fun and excitement, the vast majority of the men who go on romance tours are really trying to find wives. They may just love exotic Russian, Asian, or South American women, or they may believe that they can find a higher quality of wife from these countries than they would be able to find in their own country.

Many of these countries are very poor, and some have a history of various political and economic upheavals which have caused great hardship. In this type of environment, it is inevitable that many of the people have been forced to resort to various types of dishonest behavior or even outright “scams” just in order to survive.

Some of the men who go on the tours have naïve and unrealistic expectations which put them at risk of being “played”. If you are a short fat and balding 50 year old man who has trouble getting a date in his own country, how likely is it that a 23 year old woman who looks like a model and is six inches taller than you is really going to fall in love with you?

On the other hand, if you are a good looking or even average looking “older” in shape, smart, and sophisticated man who does very well with women in his own country, you may be able to snag a gorgeous model type wife and have a bona fide marriage that could last.

Before I married my second wife, I had a long term girl friend who was 30 years younger than me, was over six feet tall (I am 5 foot 8 on a good day) had exotic looks of mixed Russian and Dominican ancestry, and on top of it all was a sexual demon.

I realized that this was a fluke, and didn’t expect it to happen to me ever again.

As a dating coach, I advise men that it is absolutely essential for them to have as positive and optimistic attitude as possible, but to still use their common sense at all times, and “keep it real”.

The tours and socials, on the other hand, with their giddy excitement, have the potential of making men totally lose their senses, making them vulnerable to scams and heartbreak.

Are romance tours worth it?

Demure Chinese Girls at Dating Social

My answer is yes, if you can afford them, and if you have the right attitude. If you can afford a Romance tour, and won’t miss the money, you can have an awesome time. If you keep your head about you, and are somewhat skeptical about the women, and are realistic in your expectations, depending on the country, you may find a great wife.

Which are the best romance tour companies?

There used to be a small number of companies in the business. After the Great Recession of 2018, almost all of these companies went out of business. However, the oldest, biggest, and most well established, A Foreign Affair (also known as is still around.

A Foreign Affair has started in 1996 and was founded by an American after he traveled to Russia and found himself a Russian wife. This business has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. A review of the BBB listing for them shows a great number of complaints, but according to the BBB , the company has a history of resolving all or practically all of these complaints to the satisfaction of their customers.

Over the years, A Foreign Affair has encouraged publicity and scrutiny by various media and has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, the BBC, 60 minutes, and others.
Their main office is in Phoenix Arizona, with satellite offices in all of the cities where they have tours.

They offer assistance to clients in obtaining a fiancée visit, through their “kit” prepared by an attorney, who is available for a modest fee to assist them in their applications.

Which countries are the best for romance tours?

I usually hesitate stating which dating sites or services are the best, because what is best for one person is not what is best for another.

The tours to the Ukraine may be the most fun. Although beauty is subjective, the women who attend the socials at the Ukrainian tours seem to be the most beautiful.

However, If I were single, and was looking for a wife, and not just a great vacation, I would try the tours to China.

Romance Tour in Shenzheng China

China is a fascinating country with a rich history that goes back thousands of years, and has an amazing culture too. In recent years China has experienced astounding increases in standard of living, and the big cities are beautiful and modern.

Although the population in rural areas may still be poor, educated people in the larger cities are doing very well financially, so the motives for Chinese women who seek to marry foreigners are often different than the motives of women from Eastern Europe or South America.

In China, women who are unmarried after the age of 23 are considered to be spinsters, and are not considered desirable, even if they are attractive, or even beautiful. Older women who are single, divorced, or widows are considered by Chinese men to be even less desirable, especially if they have children.

For this reason Chinese women may the type of foreign women who are the least likely to be gold diggers or even scammers (disclaimer, I am married to a Chinese woman).


If you can afford it, you can have an amazing vacation where you pretty much have to beat beautiful women off with a stick. If you are very savvy and have some positive qualities to bring to the table, you can even find an amazing wife.